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"I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing."


Always beautiful. <3 

Anonymous asked
Yes there is a significance to this message. Why won't you Aaliyah fans just let someone play her in a movie?? Why must you chase off anyone that is trying to play her?? I mean for God's sakes. Tina Turner, Selena, TLC, James Brown, Ray Charles all had fans that supported others playing them in a movie. Why not Aaliyah fans? I saw how you all cursed out Zendaya and this new girl playing her. The new generation need to know her, and you are keeping her away. Do you know many new fans TLC has now?


First of all .. ALL those people who are involved with the project don’t give 2 SHITS about Aaliyah it’s all about Self gain!! If someone was to truly portray Aaliyah the have to meet her family and close friends get a sense of what she was like !! So the fans and new fans can connect to her and really feel aaliyah..These people need insight!! BUT NO this film is being made without her family’s consent and by COMPLETE strangers who NEVER met her or even experienced her..In this PARTICULAR case that is VERY vital because Aaliyah was Family Oriented ! They were around her 24/7 they were on set of her videos and movies ,they’ve been on tour with her,over seas, etc So if anything is going to be done Pertaining to Aaliyah her family MUST be involved…They knew her BEST..The actresses never once took Aaliyah’s mother into consideration they didn’t even care!! After Zendaya got the backlash she saw that one of the issues was about HER FAMILY not being involved so she dropped out.. 2nd You HONESTLY can’t compare this AALIYAH situation to TLC,SELENA, or Tina Turner because the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE is that someone who was 1st hand to this persons life was INVOLVED .in
Selena [her family helped JLo channel her]
TLC had full control of who was portraying who and the storyline
Tina Turner was there on set with Angela Basset sooo your argument is INVALID!


August 24th 2001 my mom said i could only bring one hair magazine to my cousin’s house and i brought this one…😿👼 miss u aaliyah


August 24th 2001 my mom said i could only bring one hair magazine to my cousin’s house and i brought this one…😿👼 miss u aaliyah

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legacyofaaliyah asked
Hi girls. I just want to say THANK YOU for doing such a great job with your beautiful blog (which is definitely one of my favorites). You are so inspiring. YOU inspired me to start my own blog dedicated to our beloved angel where I want to share my own edits, collection and maybe some art. Lots of love from Slovakia <3

Thank you honey <3 Such beautiful messages, like yours, warm our hearts. We wish you the best and honestly we can’t wait to see your edits and other breathtaking stuff <3 Lets keep Aaliyah’s legacy forever! 
Peace & Love

Aaliyah.pl is finally back!

Thanks for your patience and understanding during the time the site was down. We are finally back up and running so be sure to visit often and help spread the word. 

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