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the gif of her clapping and jumping in the AYTS vid is sooooooooooooooo cute :’)

it’s just unbelievable how beautiful that woman was! She was exceptional in everything! ♥ Such a grace and class its so Aaliyah:)

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This is what we hate and will never agree with. Many people can’t speak their mind in a respectful way, they think throwing insults and threats in someone’s direction is a good method, while it’s the worst possible option. We (Came To Give Love) have our own opinion too, we are so against this movie, we have our mind about the new girl who took the role anyway after being aware of all the controversy that since the beginning surrounds it, but tweeting her things like that, and offending her is disgusting as well, and then people generalize us all and keep saying Aaliyah’s fans are insane and aggressive because of a few people like this ones. Name calling, and threat people involved in this whole biopic, won’t help. It can only get worse. We have every right to show we don’t approve as long as we express it in a respectful way [use facts]. No matter how angry about this whole thing are we. Please, think twice before you say something, this is certainly not how Aaliyah and her family would want us to deal with the problem…

* we decided to not reveal the identity of the authors of posted tweets, that is why nicknames and avatars has been erased.